Semi Automatic Falafel Machine

Semi Automatic Falafel Machine

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  • High productivity – Generates 1 Ball/second allows quick production for spikes in demand. Produces 40 - 50 balls every 3 mins (includes frying and removal of balls)
  • Stand alone – complete solution for producing falafel; from Mixture to generating balls to frying – Ready to eat
  • Compact dimensions & Easy handling – 34" L / 14" D / 21" H (86cm L / 35cm D / 54cm H), complete unit weighs 83Lbs (38Kg). Electric source: 220V / 14A (single phase)
  • Effortless maintenance – easy to remove and clean the six sub-assemblies:
    (i) Mixture hopper (ii) Rotary ball generator (iii) Teflon adaptor (iv) Fryer (v) Heating element (vi) residue collecting tray
  • Made of premium materials – (304L stainless) for prolonged machine life, and for Heavy Duty use.
  • Prolonged life of oil – Temperature controlled frying helps prolong the life of the oil, and 'Zero Drip' design eliminating dripping of mixture into oil causing oxidation and premature oil replacements. Reservoir holds 9 Liter (10qt) of oil.
  • Removable Hopper - easily comes off for cleaning or storing in a refrigerator with remainder falafel mixture. Holds 8Kg (17Lbs) of mixture which equates to about 400 balls.
  • Simple operation – control panel with ON/OFF switch, number of balls per cycle selector, and Oil temp setting controller.
  • Machine Safety – Comprehensive protection
    a) Cut-off switch on hopper door (opening the door while in operation stops the machine)
    b) Oil High temperature cut off switch – preventing oil from igniting
  • Continuous mixing – Mixture Hopper equipped with mixing element keeping the mixture homogenous during operation
  • Easy to operate – Least trained employee is required for operating the machine and creating delicious falafel balls from scratch

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